Taiwan’s men’s recurve bow archery team Bagged Bronze at the 2021 World Archery Championships

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The 2021 World Archery Championships took place at Yankton in South Dakota. Taiwan’s men’s recurve bow archery team is mainly made up of NTNU alumni and students, including Coach Lee Tao Ming, Athelte Wei Chun Heng, Hung Cheng Hao are all from the Department of Athletic Performance. Wei just received silver medal from the 2020 Olympics and is now studying PhD in NTNU. He is the first NTNU trained athlete to receive a silver medal at the Olympics. Now, with Yu Guan Lin and Hung Cheng Hao and teammates, Taiwan’s men’s recurve team bagged bronze at 2021 World Archery Championships on September 25th.


At the quarterfinal, the team competed against South Korea and was defeated by 6 to 2. At the semifinal, the met the Olympic bronze winner Team of Japan, they ended with a tie. During the shoot-off, the Taiwan team successfully beat Japan by one point This is the third Bronze medal of World Archery Championships since 2007 and 2015.


This is the first competition of Hung Cheng Hao as an archer at national adult team since he first started the sport 12 years ago. He said that it’s important to hold the team spirit and keep the tempo. He is especially grateful to the Coach and Prof. Tom Lee at the Department of Athletic Performance, who guided him in unique ways and let him know that you have to have a vision to success. He also thanked the support from all the teachers and coach along the training.