Current Job

Ho-Seng Wang

Doctor of Physical Education, National Taiwan Normal University

Exercise Physiology, Tennis



  • Dean of College of Sports and Recreation, NTNU
  • Professor of Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, NTNU
  • Vice President, Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation


1.Excellence in athletics with administrative support

  • To cultivate athletes and elevate their performance to win international games with the support of administrative units and sport sciences research.
  • To establish a complete system for teachers as adjunct coaches, and to assist the marketing and fundraising for our school sports teams with the resources of teachers and alumnus.

2. Interdisciplinary cooperation for outstanding academic achievements

  • To encourage teachers to apply Industry-Official-University projects, and to accelerate the collaboration between departments, schools, and the government to reach higher achievement.
  • To strive for more partner institutions, encourage students to join exchange programs, and invite international scholars to develop international perspectives.

3. Elevation of teaching quality through cooperation

  • To set up regulations to encourage teachers to participate in teacher training courses, apply related projects to elevate the quality of teaching and professional abilities.
  • To integrate resources from departments to improve students’ competiveness in the job market by holding related activities and gaining more internship opportunities.

4. Reinforcement of College characteristics through consensus building

  • To assist our departments to win more on- and off-campus resources to develop their own characteristics.
  • To have regular meetings and activities to build up the consensus between all the members in the College to foster the uniqueness.