English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI)

Program Introduction

  • Courses offered at educational institutions where English is not the first language, the content delivery, teacher-student interaction, learning and academic support materials, learning achievement display, and evaluation are 100% in English.
  • The purpose of this project includes using English as a medium for knowledge transmission, delivering knowledge and subject courses in various professional fields, and constructing a bilingual teaching and learning environment in universities, to cultivate bilingual professionals, improve teachers’ English teaching ability and students’ English learning ability, and enhance the recruitment of bilingual human resources, resource sharing, and inter-school cooperation, thereby promoting the international competitiveness of the colleges.

EMI Courses

Course CodeCourse NameReq./Sel.Credit
PEU0293Health ManagementSel.2
PEC9001Program Design as Related to Strength and ConditioningSel.3
PEC9003Management of Sport EventsSel.3
PEC0076Special Topics in Sport BiomechanicsSel.3
PEC0142Studies in Exercise PsychologySel.3
PEM0100Studies in Strategic Sport SponsorshipSel.3
PEM0108Studies in Teacher Education—Physical EducationSel.3

Course CodeCourse NameReq./Sel.Credit
FPU0334Introduction to Sport IndustrySel.2
FPU0352Sport Specialties—TaekwondoReq.4
FPU0353Sport Specialties—Taekwondo Poom-SaeReq.4
FPU0357Sport Specialties—TennisReq.4
Course CodeCourse NameReq./Sel.Credit
SRM0008Studies in Hospitality Marketing ManagementSel.3
SRM0122Hospitality Facilities Development and DesignSel.3
SRM0123Hospitality Service Operations ManagementSel.3
SRC8004Studies in Leisure, Health, and WellnessSel.3
SRC8005Strategic Information Systems for Hospitality ManagersSel.3

About English Tests

CEFR Levels

Test ItemListening, Speaking, Reading, Writing
Scope of applicationGlobal
Testing Fee$220
Score Validity PeriodTwo Years
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TOEFL Practice Questions

Test ItemListening, Speaking, Reading, Writing
Scope of applicationGlobal
Testing FeeNTD 7200
Score Validity PeriodTwo Years
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 IELTS (British Council)
Test ItemReading & Listening
Speaking & Writing
Scope of applicationGlobal
Testing FeeReading & Listening→NTD 1600
Speaking & Writing→NTD 3240
Score Validity PeriodTwo Years
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TOEIC Practice Questions: Listening & Reading


TOEIC Practice Questions: Speaking & Writing

Test ItemListening, Speaking, Reading, Writing
Scope of applicationTaiwan
Testing Fee

Reading & Listening→ NTD 560
Speaking & Writing→ NTD 820
Speaking→ NTD 480
Writing→ NTD 340

Intermediate :
Reading & Listening→ NTD 790
Speaking & Writing→ NTD 1400
Speaking→ NTD 830
Writing→ NTD 570
One-Day Test (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing)→ NTD 2190

High-Intermediate :
Reading & Listening→ NTD 980
Speaking & Writing→ NTD 1580
Speaking→ NTD 920
Writing→ NTD 660
One-Day Test (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing)→ NTD 2560

Advanced :
Reading & Listening→ NTD 1980
Speaking & Writing→ NTD 3200
Speaking→ NTD 1430
Writing→ NTD 1770

Superior: After evaluating the test content and the number of applicants, the Language Training and Test Center(LTTC) will make a quotation to the sending unit.

Score Validity PeriodLifelong
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