About Elite Athletes College

In order to cultivate excellent and potential athletes to achieve higher goals in athletics, Elite Athletes College assists student athletes from six aspects, including curriculum designing, sports training, coach training, administrative support, daily-life guidance, and career counselling. The College of Sports and Recreation as the core, Elite Athletes College serves as the connection between student athletes and other administrative offices and gives them full support in all aspects. It aims to recruit more and more potential student athletes and cultivate them to win more victory so as to create a bright future shining like the gold medal.

Curriculum Designing

  • Elite Athletes College program
  • Alternative curriculum
  • E-learning lessons
  • Elevates foreign language abilities
  • Opens professional certificate classes

Sports Training

  • Imports customized sport sciences into training
  • Domestic and international off-site training
  • Hires outstanding foreign coaches
  • Maintains training ground and facilities
  • Provides sports injury and athletic training resources

Coach Training

  • Encourages coaches to take on-the-job courses with subsidy
  • Holds intramural forums for coaches to share experience and information
  • Elevates coaches’ abilities of collecting information and analyzing strategies
  • Arranges monthly reading lists for coaches
  • Selects potential coaches for advanced studies overseas

Administrative Support

  • Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees Exemption for two years
  • The priority of living in the dorm  with an exemption of dormitory fee
  • Scholarship provided by school, alumni and enterprises
  • Provides reward and subsidy by levels for student athletes who pass language tests
  • Selects outstanding student athletes for further studies in overseas partner institutions

Daily Life Guidance

  • Establishes student tutor system
  • Provides student athletes assistance in college life adjustment with daily care and regulation education
  • Assists student athletes to find resources on campus, serving as a platform to connect them with other administrative offices.

Career Counselling

  • Establishes student athletes’ career portfolio
  • Opens a Facebook fan page to provide information about career lessons
  • Provides one-on-one counselling
  • Helps student athletes develop a second expertise to link to industries
  • Uses career personality aptitude system to guide student athletes to find their future career direction
  • Holds relative career activities to develop student athletes’ abilities
  • Traces future development of student athletes