CSR History



The College of Sports and Recreation was officially founded in August of 2001 to meet the needs of changing times and has become the sixth college established by the National Taiwan Normal University. The College of Sports and Recreation consists of Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Department of Athletic Performance, Graduate Institute of Sports, Leisure and Hospitality Management, and Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability Executive Master of Business Administration. The Department of Physical Education has been established for more than 70 years. It was the first department in Taiwan that focusing on cultivates physical education teachers. The master and doctoral programs also have an excellent record of education quality in cultivating sports scientists as well as physical education teachers. Under the leadership of former Deans: Dr. Iau-Hoei Chien, Dr. Chin-Lung Fang, Dr. Chih-Fu Cheng, Dr. Jiunn-Chern Jwo, Dr. Shao-Hsi Chang, Dr. Chih-Pin Shih, Dr. Jui-Fu Chen, Dr. Li-Kang Chi, and the current Dean Dr. Ho-Seng Wang, the College has grown to be a well-known institution as we see today.

The College of Sports and Recreation is not only located in the center of Taipei City with a convenient transportation system but also own the well-equipped sports stadium and well-appointed facilities providing high-quality training resources. This high standard helps the College to shine in the areas of physical education, sports science, sports leisure and hospitality and athletic competitions. This is one of the reasons why the College has been the first choice for prospective students in Taiwan. Despite the prominent performance of the College, it is still encountering the rapid growth of international competitors. Thus the College of Sports and Recreation must keep improving to meet future demands.

The primary aim of the College is to become the leading institution in Taiwan as well as to gain a respectable reputation within the international academic community. ln 2020, the College is ranked the 51-100th in sports and recreation of the QS World University Rankings by subject and the top 1 in Taiwan. lt is hoped that the College will make good use of its internal and external resources. We are looking forward to continuously cultivating outstanding teachers and elites who are versed in both technology and humanities in the fields of sports and recreation.

2020-2025 College Level Development Goals

CSR Logo

The logo design concept of the College of Sports and Recreation is based on the logos of the Olympics, Asian Games, and other international sports games, and also the images of athletes. The human image, divided into three equal parts, using three colors to represent the three sports fields including land, water, and air. It also uses Chinese calligraphy brush strokes to enhance the movement of athletes galloping in the sunny, energetic blue sky and green land. The slightly slanted body also means running forward and pursuing excellence and energy.

On the other hand, the hands and feet in the humanoid images are circles, which represent the academic and sports activities held by the college, demonstrating the freshness, liveliness, and prosperity of the College of Sports and Recreation. Finally, the two elongated circular designs in the picture incorporate the concept of Chinese Tai Chi’s eternal life, and also bring out the concept of sports and leisure as the meaning of life of the College of Sports and Recreation.