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SATU 2022 Joint Research Scheme (JRS) – Call for Co-PI Applications

The SATU Presidents’ Forum 2022 Joint Research Scheme (JRS) is now calling for Co-Project Investigators (Co-PIs) from member universities, for research projects submitted by Principal Investigators (PIs). If you are looking for opportunities to team up with researchers from South and South East Asia and Taiwan, the JRS is the right resource for you!

✪What is Joint Research Scheme (JRS)?✪

The Joint Research Scheme (JRS) was launched by SATU Presidents’ Forum in 2012 as a matching platform for scholars from over 100 SATU member universities to establish international research collaborations.

✪The Research Proposals within the JRS✪

This year, we have received 601 projects from over 400 PI applicants. The number of PI projects received is the highest since the JRS was launched in 2012.

The project fields include Bioscience & Biotechnology, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Management, Medicine, Planning & Design, Sciences, and Social Science. Further details can be found in the PI project list at 2022 SATU JRS Website.

✪To Submit Your Co-PI Application✪

If you would like to join the JRS research projects as Co-Project Investigators (Co-PI), all you need to do is:

  1. go to 2022 SATU JRS Website
  2. Identify the projects of your interest in the “PI project list”, and jot down the respective project codes.
  3. By 20 April 2022, complete the “Co-PI application form” also at the 2022 SATU JRS Website, for which you will need to:
  • upload a CV with a list of all papers or works published in the past five years
  • indicate the project code(s) of projects of your interest in the form

The application will be open until 20 April 2022. All applications will then be sent to the PI(s) for review. The matching results will be announced on the JRS website on 19 May 2022.


2022 SATU JRS Website and to submit your Co-PI Application: Click here

Enquiries: Ms Charlotte Li | +886-6-2757575 ext.50960 | +886-6-2099250 | satu@ncku.edu.tw